SaHoMa Equine Nebuliser

Equine Nebulizer

SaHoMa Equine Nebuliser

Combines experience in human medicine with Veterinarians demands. High efficiency excellent output volume rechargeable battery pack integrated in the mask for maximum mobility soundless operation. Light weight direct aerosol delivery into the mask electronic parts protected by transparent protective cover cordless and tubeless operation.

The SaHoMa is a revolution in nebulizing horses. The completely silent, wireless and tubeless device makes it easy to work with. The SaHoMa inhalation device allows a quick and reliable delivery of medicine by inhalation. It is characterized by its silent operation and excellent tolerability in horses. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the drug reaches even the smallest pulmonary alveoli.

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SaHoMa Nebuliser Rental: £140 PM & £300 Refundable Deposit


SaHoMa II Equine Nebuliser

£1,085.00 £985.00

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