Medicur Electromagnetic Field Therapy Unit


Medicur Electromagnetic Field Therapy Unit

This is a simple effective treatment for horses, humans or dogs suffering with the following conditions: Chronic pain, acute inflammation, fractures and bone damage, open wounds, circulatory problems, soft tissue problems i.e sore backs, muscle tightness and fatigue/stress. It is also used to boost the immune system and increase energy levels.


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The battery powered Unit’s unique pulsed spectrum of natural magnetic fields is clinically tested and as such is used in a growing number of NHS hospitals. It can be placed in the pockets of the Therapy Rug or placed over any area of the horse, person or dog needing treatment by using the bandage and velcro pad provided. The Unit treats the whole body, can be used safely and as often as you like and contains a timer which switches the Unit off after 10 minutes. It provides natural pain relief and speeds up nature’s own healing process.

A great deal of research has taken place into the effect of magnetic fields on living tissue and it is known cells of different tissue respond to different frequencies. Therefore for the therapy to be really effective it is necessary to stimulate the many different cells and structures for the body to accelerate its own repair/healing process.

The pulses of low energy magnetic fields carry the oscillations developed by the electronic generators giving varying frequencies and harmonics, thus providing a balanced therapeutic range of frequencies transmitted and received by the brain and nervous system which are responsible for triggering the repair of cells and tissue. The waves penetrate deep into the tissue, increasing the rate at which oxygen and nutrition are supplied to the cells. This action accelerates the healing process, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and provides an improvement in general health.

The Unit’s therapeutic waves radiate globally around the unit for 30cm (12 inches). It therefore does not matter which way the unit is facing and it will be effective through clothes/rugs/plaster provided there are no metal objects in the way.

Class IIb Medical Device (CE Marked) Low Frequency (LF Coil: 2kHz signal plus harmonics therefore up to 50kHz Modulated on 3Hz, 7.8 Hz or 20Hz base frequency as selected). Signal Power: All electromagnetic radiation falls within the limits required by the EMC Standard EN 60601-2:1993.

This unit is for the Hot, Cold and Magnetic Rug with this Magnetic Pulse Unit.

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