Activo Med Laser Systems

Activo-Med Laser SystemsActivo-Med Laser Systems

Activo-Med Wave Light Pulse Therapy Combine Pulsed Electromagnetic And Light Cluster/Pen now with optional massage

Can be used for muscular, tendon and ligament injuries, bumps, bruises, oedemas, cuts, wounds, arthritis, fractures and splints.

Wave-Light-Pulse (WLP) therapy represents a quantum leap in direct local therapy. The Pulsed Electromagnetic and Light cluster is a powerful combination of 24 infrared and 24 red diodes together with in built Pulsed Electromagnetic spool. It is fully adjustable by intensity and frequency and is based on the latest supralight LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. It is also available with a massage element within the cluster.

These clusters and pens run off the same control boxes as the Activo-Med rugs and leg wraps. They come with pre set settings, but programs can also be made bespoke if required to suit your horses needs.


Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements. Click here to view one of the many results achieved using our Light Therapy Cluster.

We have been using the laser pen successfully on the scar tissue of a  tendon and in the space of a month the scar tissue seems to have disappeared.

Miranda Rawlin (Will Rawlin)

Miranda Rawlin (Will Rawlin)

More products to consider…

  • Activo-Med Battery Impulse Line

    The Activo-Med battery charger charges the Activo-Med batteries which come with the Activo-Med systems. They are delivered to UK customers complete with a removable Euro to UK adapter plug allowing you to easily charge your battery if you are in Europe.

    The Activo-Med batteries are reliable and robust. They can be charged or topped up at any time and last for over 12 rug uses. They operate all the Activo-Med Impulse Line systems.

  • Activo-Med Battery Charger

    Including delivery

  • Activo-Med Splitter Cable

    The splitter cables allow you to run the leg wraps at the same time as the rug.

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The Equipment

The components available are:

  • Combined Pulsed Electromagnetic Photolaser cluster
  • Laserpointer visible red light
  • Laserpointer invisible infrared

All the equipment comes in a robust carrying bag for storage and transportation.

The Control Box

The Combi+System is operated with a specially designed multi-function control box based on the latest micro processor technology. Together with the lightweight battery unit, the control box is put in a small plastic wallet and secured directly on the top of the rug.

This one control box operates the Activo-Med:

The programmable control box offers a large range of options to create individual therapy programs. The therapy time, frequency and PEMF intensity, massage intensity and massage sequencing length can be easily changed.

Laser cluster

24 IR-luminescence diodes 950 nm 15 mW, 8 degree beam divergence

24 LED 635 nm 25 mW, 8 degree beam divergence

Pulsed magnetic coil – fully adjustable by intensity and frequency

Photolaserpointer red light

1 LED 630 nm 40 mW, 5 degree beam divergence

Photolaserpointer infrared invisible light

1 IR-luminescence diodes 950 nm 60 mW, 5 degree beam divergence

Frequency, Intensity and Time

Laser frequency from 1Hz, 5 Hz ... to 5000 Hz

Magnetic frequency from 1 Hz to 50 Hz, Intensity from 0.5 mT to 5 mT

Time from 1 to 99 min

Central control unit

Digital microchip technology with ergonomic menu-driven keypad. The system is fully programmable to suit the condition.

Battery: 12V/2,2 Ah. Direct Current.

All systems have a 2-year warranty.

See Finance information page - click here.

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