Activo-Med Equine Power Pads

Activo-Med Shoulder Power PadActivo-Med Shoulder Power Pad

Activo-Med Equine Power Pads

The Power Pad has been specially developed for local application. They are held in place using elastic Velcro fasteners. They can run all three therapies at the same time PEMF, massage and Light Therapy), or single therapies as required.

Like the Combi Pro, it has preset programs for before or after exercise. All settings can be changed to suit your needs.

Suitable for horses in training as well as for rehabilitation.

Treats: neck, withers, shoulders, saddle area, lumber, rump.

Choice of: 1, 2 or 3 therapies.

Available in any combination of: Pulsed Electromagnetic, Cyclonic Massage, Light Therapy.


Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements. 

More products to consider…

  • Activo-Med Battery Impulse Line

    The Activo-Med battery charger charges the Activo-Med batteries which come with the Activo-Med systems. They are delivered to UK customers complete with a removable Euro to UK adapter plug allowing you to easily charge your battery if you are in Europe.

    The Activo-Med batteries are reliable and robust. They can be charged or topped up at any time and last for over 12 rug uses. They operate all the Activo-Med Impulse Line systems.

  • Activo-Med Battery Charger

    Including delivery

  • Activo-Med Splitter Cable

    The splitter cables allow you to run the leg wraps at the same time as the rug.


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