Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug

Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug
+ Package Deals

£ 3400

Massage and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy 

For improved suppleness, muscle tone and overall condition. Use each day to help support performance or rehabilitation. Let your horse benefit from advanced physiotherapy technology.

Riders, owners and trainers looking to provide their horses with the best therapy support available choose the Activo-Med Combi Pro. Not only does the rug cover the entire body and support performance and recovery before and after exercise, it is battery operated, and operates the Activo-Med leg wraps, light therapy products and pads and can be integrated into any training schedule. In fact, many customers comment that they wonder how they lived without it.

Although our rugs, leg wraps, light therapy products and pads can be bought individually, we do provide a package price where great savings can be made. We provide customers all over the UK and Ireland with superior after sales support using our network of local agents. We offer free demonstrations with new equipment, telephone backup for new grooms and can tailor equipment to suit horses and their rehabilitation or competition requirements.

If you are unsure what you need, our friendly staff are here to provide sincere and expert advice on all the products we sell at FMBS, so please do contact us if you want to know more about the benefits, savings and products we offer.

All + Package Deals come with the following as standard:


Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements. 

The Activo-Med Combi pro rug provides pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) and massage therapy across the horse from poll to tail including back, shoulder and thigh areas.

The rug contains strategically placed PEMF spools and cyclonic massage modules over the main muscle groups that work as directed but the pre-programmed control box. The PEMF elements uses a range of selected therapeutic frequencies to help promote cell efficiency and recovery. The massage element gives high support of the venous blood flow to the heart in conformity to the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

One control box operates both applications in one combined therapy session. You only have to choose one of the 8 preset programme sequences and the multi-session starts leaving you free to carry out other tasks without having to stand with the horse.



The Control Box

The Combi Pro System is operated with a specially designed multi-function control box based on the latest micro processor technology. Together with the lightweight battery unit, the control box is put in a small plastic wallet and secured directly on the top of the rug.

This one control box operates the:

  • Combi Pro System (the combined PEMF and Massage therapy system)
  • PEMF only rug system
  • PEMF and Combi leg wraps
  • Hoof boots
  • Light therapy equipment

The programmable microprocessor offers a large range of options to create individual therapy programs. The therapy time, frequency and intensity can be easily changed.

The PEMF spools and massage modules in the rug, boots and light therapy clusters and pens connect to the back of the central control unit which plugs into the battery. The battery has a simple on/off button and lasts for approximately 15-20 treatments before recharging is required.

The Rug

The Rug

The Combi Pro rug with integrated neck ensures complete stimulation. It is made from high quality materials chosen to enable practical use either in the stable or outside at competitions. The rug is lightweight, robust and cool: the cover is made from Goretex or fully mesh, depending on your preference, which allows air to circulate through the blanket during treatments and the sides are made from strong double sewn mesh. It has 5 fully adjustable clips, belly straps and a tail strap to ensure a snug and secure fit.

PEMF Boots

PEMF Boots

The boots are made from Goretex and fit to the leg like a travel boot using elastic Velcro. They cover from the sensitive part of the hoof up to the carpal joint. They are easy to use and offer a wide spectrum of treatment. Each boot contains 4 magnetic spools and works using the same principle as the rug: the 4 magnetic spools work in conformity to the natural flow of the blood, and lymph lines in the legs. They are activated from the outside down to the inside up in the sequence 1-2-3-4. Hind leg wraps are now also available.


General Information

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) uses a range of frequencies and intensities to stimulate different cells in the body. This helps to promote cells with different functions to work more efficiently. The effectiveness of PEMF therapy has been FDA approved and is widely used by well-known organisations such as the NHS.

All electromagnetic fields are charged with energy generated by electric current: where current flows, magnetism develops.

The 4 important factors for successful therapy sessions are:

  • Intensity (Tesla)
  • Frequency (Hertz)
  • Time/duration (minutes)
  • Combination of treatments.

The Combi Pro System enables these 4 factors to be regulated and combined with each other.

When not to use PEMF:

  • During pregnancy
  • Severe fungal diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Fever and tumour developments.



Stables and horses are not terribly clean. Don’t worry! The rug and boots are washable at 30 degrees C. The components are self-contained and are easily removed for washing.

The equipment should be stored and operated in a dry place.


Technical Data

Battery: 12V/2,2 Ah. Direct Current.

Control box menu PEMF:

  • Frequency adjustable individually between 1-50 Hertz
  • Time adjustable individually between 1 to 99 minutes
  • Intensity of 0,5 to 5,0 mT adjustable in 10 steps.

All systems have a 2-year warranty.

activo-med-beforeactivo-med-afterThe rug can help to:

The thermal images on the right shows the patterns of an asymmetrical horse before and after a 25 minute pre-warmup session.

Many top riders and trainers from every equestrian discipline rely on the Activo-Med Combi Systems to support their horse’s peak performance.

Finance is available on the majority of our products. For more details please click here


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  • Nathorst (DK)


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  • Zabeel Stables Dubai (UAE)
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  • Royal and Presidents Stables
  • Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Stud Stiftung Faehrhof (GER)

More products to consider…

  • Activo-Med Battery Impulse Line

    The Activo-Med battery charger charges the Activo-Med batteries which come with the Activo-Med systems. They are delivered to UK customers complete with a removable Euro to UK adapter plug allowing you to easily charge your battery if you are in Europe.

    The Activo-Med batteries are reliable and robust. They can be charged or topped up at any time and last for over 12 rug uses. They operate all the Activo-Med Impulse Line systems.

  • Activo-Med Battery Charger

    Including delivery

  • Activo-Med Splitter Cable

    The splitter cables allow you to run the leg wraps at the same time as the rug.


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