Activo-Med Hoof Boots

Activo-Med Hoof Boots

Activo-Med Combi Hoof Boots

The Activo-Med Hoof Boot can be used for foot conditions, including: bruises, cracks, abcessses, concussion, degeneration diseases, arthritic changes, laminitis, inflammation / swelling, ligament or tendon damage, fractures.

Like the other Activo-Med systems, the Hoof Boots have preset therapy programmes. They are available as ‘add-ons’ for people with Activo-Med rugs or as Hoof Boot systems which include the control box, battery, charger, surcingle and transport bag.

The boot is operated from a control box and rechargeable battery that attaches to the horse’s surcingle. From here, any of the preset programmes can be selected.

The Hoof Boot is simply strapped on to the horse’s hoof, so it’s really simple to use.

Systems are also available to hire or hire/purchase. Payment terms can be arranged by discussion.

Please contact us to discuss prices and your individual requirements. 

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