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  • Activo-Med PecDominal Pad Component

    For customers using at the same time as the Pro rug

  • Activo-Med PecDominal Pad System

    PLUS you get:


    + Back pad

    + PecDominal pad

    + Control box

    + Battery

    + Charger

    + Transport bag

  • Activo-Med Pecdominal Pad

    The PecDominal Pad from Activo-Med is the only system on the market that provides both pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and massage to the pectoral and abdominal muscles.

  • Magnetic Therapy Elbow Wrap

    The flexible pain relief Magnetic Elbow Support is designed to be used on either elbow. It’s comfortable and offers maximum magnetic therapy penetration to the elbow area. There are twenty-four strategically placed circular magnets, each of 1,000 gauss. The Elbow Support can be worn inside or outside any lightweight garment.


    The Elbow Support is lightweight and uses a self-sticking closure system which makes the product extremely adjustable and easy to take on and off. One size fits all. Two FREE magnets are provided which can be attached anywhere on the Support for extra treatment.

  • Medium Activo Med Therapy Gillet

    This unique Gillet has both pulsed electromagnetic and massage therapy components and allows you to ‘carry on’ whilst treating yourself.

    It is available in two sizes currently and comes with a simple, easy to use control box, battery and charger. You have the choice of programme time at 3 different intensities.

  • Jockeysoxs

    JockeySox™ are a medical grade graduated compression sock, designed to enhance performance and recovery for competitive riders

  • Medium Performance Stabiliser

  • Small Performance Stabiliser

    Perfect Posture Prevents Poor Performance!

  • Performance Posture Lower Back Stabliliser

  • Small Jockeysox


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