Quick guide to equine therapy


With lots of different therapies available, it can be hard to work out what type of therapy might best suit your horse…and what each therapy does and how it works. Below we talk about the lowdown on some of the most popular therapy types…

What – Static Magnetic Therapy

How – Studies have shown that magnets provide natural non-invasive therapy that works to support blood flow and the supply of oxygen to injured areas. Magnets themselves don’t heal, but they help support the environment for natural healing.

Why – To help support general wellbeing and relaxation as well as any issues where an increased blood supply would be beneficial

When – Any time you like! Some people use magnetic products each day, some when travelling, some as and when an issue presents itself.

What – Massage

How – massage applies pressure to key muscle groups, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance health and wellbeing

Why – it can be used for relaxation, to tone and warm up muscles, to help remove waste products, and to support the movement of lymph, blood and oxygen around the body

When – massage can be used in cases of rehabilitation, but can also be used to support performance as per human athletes.

What – Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

How – PEMF uses different frequencies to help stimulate different cells in the body to help them regenerate, and work more efficiently together. The intensity, frequency and duration varies depending on the application

Why – can be used for general health and wellbeing, rehabilitation and to support healing

When – it can help to support the repair of soft tissue injuries, reduce inflammation, for pain relief, and it can also be used to support the healing of a fracture.

What – Cold Therapy

How – cold hosing, ice boots and packs, or machines that can measure the temperature of the coolant as it enters and leaves the pads

Why – to reduce the risk of injury after exercise and to reduce inflammation

When – after exercise to help prevent injury or in cases of injury, to help reduce inflammation and also to encourage the flow of ‘new’ oxygenated blood when the therapy stops.

What – Heat Therapy

How- heat pads and packs, which can be put into rugs and boots

Why – to relax and soothe the muscles, to increase circulation and to reduce stiffness

When – heat therapy can be used in the healing phase after injury as it increases blood flow and helps to re-oxygenate and relax the muscles and ligaments. It can also be used for tight muscles.

What – Hydrotherapy – water treadmill

How – purpose built equine water treadmills that are safe, easy to operate and allow the horse to work in a non-concussive environment, in a natural outline

Why – to enhance suppleness, stride length, muscle tone and strength. It can also be used for rehabilitation and for aerobic activity

When – some people use a water treadmill as part of their horse’s fitness regime, and it’s commonly used as part of a rehabilitation plan.

Did you know? Water treadmills can be used to help build strong tendons and ligaments

Did you know? A water treadmill takes up a lot less space than an equine swimming pool and is a lot easier (and cheaper) to maintain

Did you know? Many places with water treadmills allow one off use, or you could book a series of sessions as part of a rehabilitation/fitness programme

Did you know? Some water treadmills also have salt water, spa jets and chiller units (so it applies cold therapy too!)

What – Hydrotherapy – Spa

How – large units designed to accommodate the horse in a safe, comfortable way. When the doors are closed, the unit fills with water, either cold water or salt water, which has additional benefits

Why – It works on a similar idea to cold hosing, in that it is used to lower the temperature of the tissue, reducing the tissue’s metabolic rate helping it to survive following injury. It also provides relief from pain, bruising and inflammation. When the spa is used with salt water, it can also support wound healing

When – A spa can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue damage, inflammation, hoof related issues, arthritis, concussion and laminitis. When filled with salt water, it can also be used to support natural wound healing, and also helps to further reduce swelling.

Did you know? Spas can be used for rehabilitation and performance. They can be used after exercise to help reduce the risk of injury and support top performance potential

Did you know? The benefits of the spa continues after treatment. When in the spa vasoconstriction occurs to the lower limbs submerged. Once removed, vasodilation occurs in which increased oxygenated blood flows to the area, limiting tissue damage and aiding in the removal of cellular debris and waste products

Did you know? This idea isn’t confined to horses, many athletes submerge themselves in ice water after strenuous exercise for the same reasons

For more information on any of the therapies above, contact us on 01494 883433.

Introducing the fantastic NEW Ice Horse Boots from FMBS

Here at FMBs we are delighted to introduce Ice Horse, a high quality set of ice products designed to apply compression and long lasting snow-like cold therapy to the feet, legs, stifles and back. We are officially the UK distributor of the Ice Horse range.

Ice Horse is an American product designed to provide effective and efficient cooling across key points of the horse’s body. The range of carefully designed products includes wraps to cover areas that most other companies simply don’t cater for, as seen in the Suspensory Wraps, Stifle Wraps and Laminitis Boot.

The whole team here have been rigorously testing them out – our Managing Director Serena Hickson had the following feedback…

“The Ice Horse products, to my mind at least, are just incredible. The ice packs freeze like snow, making them easy to mould into the limbs, but they also hold the cold for up to two hours – we’ve successfully used the same ice packs on two horses for 20 minutes each without the need to refreeze. In addition, the packs are seam free to provide even cold therapy around the leg, which I felt was very important but so often gets overlooked.”

The Ice Horse range is available in multiple boots and applications, including:

Stifle and Suspensory wraps


Knee and Hock boots


Knee to Ankle and Full Leg wraps


Back pads and Hoof boots


These have all been carefully designed for optimum performance and are made using breathable non-neoprene material to ensure that compression is applied at the same time as the ice packs are held in the perfect position. The fastenings are all strong and durable and very easy to use.

“We’re really excited about this new product,” said Serena. “It provides horses and riders with a really superb cooling solution at home and, more importantly, at competitions too.”

To find out more, take a look at our Ice Horse page or give us a call on 01494 883433.

Have you ever had the dilemma of choosing between an Infrared therapy product and a Magnetic therapy product?


Well….the team at FMBs have your answer! We have some exciting news in the pipeline to tell all our followers, we will soon be launching combined ceramic and magnetic therapy products including mesh rugs, poll guards and leg wraps.

The ceramic fabric in the products uses Far-Infrared technology which keep muscles warm and relaxed, as well as strategically placed magnets over key acupuncture points for stimulation.

The two therapies combined naturally harmonize body functions, stimulate recovery time, promote blood circulation, increase oxygenated blood flow, and reduce pain and stiffness.

Keep following us for more exciting information on the up and coming launch!

Getting to know Sponsored Rider Suzanna Hext

What can you not live without in your daily routine?

  • “I find that having a certain amount of structure is the key to getting the most out of my day. Of course this also comes with having to be able to adapt and change your plans. However, I found that when I left the vets I didn’t have enough structure to my days and ended up not eating enough and doing way too much in one day!
  • My daily routine always involves exercise! Whether that may be riding the horses, Strength and conditioning at Bath University, swimming and physio. This has always been a huge part of my life.
  • The whole team at Talland School of Equitation and my friend, trainer and owner Pammy Hutton are a huge part of my daily routine. They look after the horses with the upmost care and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Pammy’s belief in me and support.
  • Without a doubt the FMBs Activo-Med rug has also become a massive part of not only the horse’s daily routine, but also their routine when they are away at shows. The rug has a wide variety of settings to help improve overall suppleness, body tone and overall condition, helping the horses to ultimately optimise their performance.”

How about when at stay away shows?

  • “I cannot live without my support team when I go away to competitions. Emily and Gemma have been part of my solid competition team for a while now. They keep the horses in tip top condition and Gemma also makes sure I don’t face plant the floor too regularly!
  • I also couldn’t be without the support from the Lottery Funded World Class staff at International competitions and squad training. The valuable help we receive is second to none and helps us to produce our personal bests in the arena.”

Do you use an equine therapist? (physio/osteo for example) What does this therapist recommend you do in between treatments?

  • “Yes, I use an Equine Physio (Eloisa Townsend) and also we have a team Osteo who works on the horses at training and competitions.
  • The horses have various exercises that they do in between treatments, and Sid also does pole work once a week as part of his routine.
  • They also hugely advocate using the FMBs Activo-Med rug between treatments as part of the horses daily routine.”

What’s your favourite exercise to improve both horse suppleness? From the floor and from the saddle?

  • “On the floor I would definitely say simple ‘carrot stretches’. It’s an extremely useful exercise that anyone can do, and it helps improve their overall suppleness.
  • In the saddle I will always incorporate leg yield into my session. It’s a great exercise as there’s a variety of ways you use it in all three paces. Even from the beginning when I am in walk I start to use it. Leg yielding helps the horses to listen to the rider and become more flexible through the shoulders, back, hips and develops the connection throughout the horse’s body.”

How about rider suppleness? Do you do any exercises that help you feel more flexible in the saddle?

  • “I work extremely hard on my overall strength, fitness and suppleness to help me to obtain my optimum performance in the saddle. I go to Oaksey House (Home of the Injured Jockey’s Fund) for physio twice a week, and I couldn’t be without their support.
  • I have both a strength (physio) programme and a programme based around helping my overall suppleness. I complete the programme surrounding mobility/ suppleness daily and the strength programme I perform 5 times a week.
  • My mobility exercises are include pelvic rocks (on a physio ball), spine twists, cat stretches, arm openings and hip twists.”

Do you have any secret weapons in your arsenal??

  • “My exceptional Home support team both for me and the horses.
  • Fantastic horses that mean the world to me.”

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

  • “Stay true to your ‘core values’ in life- family, friends and doing exactly what you’re passionate about. Believe in your ability, and never give up.
  • And one of my favourite quotes is ‘The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation’…”

We chat to Activo-Med customer Lance Whitehouse

What can you not live without in your daily routine?
“We love our Activo-Med rug. We use it religiously on all our horses, we use it twice a day on the horses jumping at top level.
Vik, our best horse is 16 years and still performing at the very top end of the sport consistently jumping Grand Prix’s, the FMBs Rug stops him from feeling stiff or sore, we strongly believe he wouldn’t have performed the way he has without the FMBs rug. We use all the setting on the rugs, for the sharper horses we use the setting to relax them, we use on the horses more relaxed an energising setting to get them focused, we use the warm up setting and the cool down setting to prepare them for competition and we use the rehab setting to keep the horses feeling good. We take the rug with us religiously to every show.

We love our Devoucoux saddles, we believe along with the rug they give extra comfort for the horses and they are then able to perform to the best of there ability.

We are a big fan of working the horses in a snaffle bridle, after riding for Nick Skelton for 2 years I learnt a lot on the groundwork and how to produce horses. I was able to ride some of his top horses including Big Star.”

Do you use an equine therapist?
“We don’t use a equine therapist, we use the rug daily and feel like this is the best for the horses.”

What’s your favourite exercise to improve horse suppleness?
“We do carrot stretches with the horses, we feel this looses them off and gets them stretching, we think it’s a really good exercise to do (as well as giving the horses extra treats!)”

Do you have any secret weapons in your arsenal?
“We really feel the whole team is vital to our success as a whole, Lydia Jackson our show groom as well as our team of trainees and home grooms really mean we can do things to the highest of standards which pay off when in the ring.”

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
“The best piece of advice someone has given me is that the horses have to be in responsive to your aids in order to perform well, even though speed is required in a jump off, if the horse isn’t listening to you, it’s easy for a miscommunication. The horse has to be relaxed and listening to you when going in the ring. This is what makes the success.”

**GRAPHIC IMAGES** Light Therapy Results – a happy outcome!

“Horses can readily get into trouble all by themselves and this one has been no exception; he was playing in his paddock, lost his footing and slid into the gate post – the result – a fractured skull. Fortunately we were watching his antics so were on-hand to act immediately; as soon as the horse rose to his feet so began what was effectively a life-saving exercise; Fred continually flushed the wound with a gentle flow of water thus removing any debris particles and to stop the blood from congealing before the vet arrived. Following further debriding by the vet which included removing pieces of broken bone, the wound was stitched with a drain inserted. We were warned about all the negatives which could now follow such as major swelling which would likely cause stitches to burst, sight and sinus issues, skin sloughing away and the horse being left with a permanent indentation in his head – and of course possible long-term damage/side effects from such significant head trauma.

Just 5 days later the drain was removed and whilst a considerable amount of unpleasant material drained from the nostrils there was not the extent of swelling expected so the stitches held firm and were removed a further 6 days later – this was when the skin was expected to break down and drop off.

Apart from keeping the area scrupulously clean there was nothing we could do until the stitches were removed but once they were we elected to use laser treatment to aid healing, to try and prevent skin slough and help minimise the risk of white hairs growing back on the stitch line – if indeed any hair regrew at all.

We did not opt to use a high-powered veterinary grade laser but instead used the FMBs Therapy Systems Light Therapy Cluster. The beams from Class IV lasers are extremely powerful so can cut tissue and with scientific research confirming that the strong beams even when defocussed are not so effective as a healing tool, although great for pain relief, our choice of using a lower intensity piece of equipment was the right one in this situation as the deep, penetrating effect is still there but just takes a little longer; we equate it to slow cooking as opposed to using a microwave!

For those not familiar with laser and LED – they produce intense beams of light at specific wavelengths, certain wavelengths of light affecting cell function either stimulating or inhibiting it depending on the intensity and the length of time treatment is applied. When used correctly with the right wavelength at the right intensity for the right amount of time and applied at the appropriate location, repair can be stimulated, inflammation reduced and pain managed, the beams of light emitted helping to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Within 6 weeks the wound had healed beautifully and now, even close up, you would never now what this horse has been through. The bones have now hardened properly, hair has grown on the stitch site and not one is white! There are no evident side effects and the horse is now making a return to low level exercise so that we can monitor his proprioception, co-ordination and reactions before putting him back under saddle. “So far so good” we can report.

Quick thinking, a great vet, correct wound management first-class nutrition from Castle Horse Feeds and treatment from the FMBs Therapy Systems Laser = a horse which is very much alive and kicking!

Thank you to Fred and Rowena Cook of Equine Management and Training for sharing one of their posts with us

Did you know we offer interest free finance?

The newly launched PEMF Contender rug is the perfect addition to any yard to help keep your horse’s muscles in tip top condition in these sub zero temperatures.
As an example, you could be the proud owner of one of these rugs for just £450 upfront, and then 12 monthly payments of £125. You would then have the option to upgrade to the Combi Pro II at the end of the agreement. Details of the finance options below.

Initial purchase of Contender rug

– Interest free

– Total interest: £0.00

– Purchase price: £1,950.00

– Deposit: £450.00

– Amount of credit: £1,950.00

– 12 monthly payments: £125 per month

– Total repayment: £1,950.00

– Rate of interest (fixed) 0%

– 0% APR Representative

Upgrade to Combi Pro II worth £3,400 after 12 months for just £1,500!

– Upgrade price: £1,500.00

– Deposit (return of Contender rug): £000

– Amount of credit: £1,500.00

– 12 monthly payments: £125 per month

– Total repayment: £1,500.00

– Rate of interest (fixed) 0%

– 0% APR Representative


Start the competition year with a bang!


Introducing the new Activo-Med Contender Rug!

We are very pleased to announce the release of our brand new Pulsed Electromagnetic rug – The Contender. This rug covers the main muscle groups from tail to neck, and comes with all the same benefits of the PEMF therapy that the Combi Pro offers, but without the massage therapy element.

It can be used for improved performance, prevention of injury and rehabilitation, before or after exercise for suppleness and recovery. It is lightweight and easy to use, and as usual comes with free delivery and a 2 year warranty.

It can be a great starter rug for first time buyers, or a great alternative second rug for those who love the benefits of the PEMF that the Combi Pro offers. Let your horse benefit from advanced physiotherapy technology at a lower price.

  • – Covers the horse from tail to top of neck
  • – Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)
  • – Very simple to use
  • – Significantly lighter weight than the Combi Pro
  • – 8 PEMF coils with greater intensity and coverage, creating a wider and deeper overall coverage
  • – Comes with Micro Control Box which can also be used to run the PEMF Contender Leg Wraps separately
  • – This Control Box can be upgraded to the Compact Control Box, which in addition can be used to run the following add ons:
  •                         – PEMF Contender Leg Wraps at the same time as the rug
  •                         – Laser Clusters, Strips and Pen
  •                         – Hoof Boot
  •                         – Power Pad
  • – Comes with a small rechargeable battery, different to the Combi Pro, which when fully charged should run up to 10 treatments
  • – Rug cover is fully mesh with Gortex sides, perfect on hotter days and climates, and allows easy removal the therapy insert prior to washing.

How is it 2018 already?

With the rapid arrival of the New Year, you are probably turning your thoughts from the over indulgences of Christmas to the health and fitness of yourself and your steed for the upcoming season.

Along with the correct fitness regime and feeding schedule you may also consider the benefits of specialised equipment to help keep your horse sound and performing his best all season. With lots of different equipment and therapies available, it can be hard to work out what type might best suit each horse…and what each therapy does and how it works.

Some of the therapies available include:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF uses different therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies to help stimulate cells in the body promoting recovery and regeneration. The intensity, frequency and duration varies depending on the application e.g. whether you are using it prior or post exercise or for a specific injury. It can be used for general health and wellbeing, rehabilitation and to support healing.

It can help to support the repair of soft tissue injuries, reduce inflammation, for pain relief, and it can also be used to support the healing of a fracture.


Massage applies pressure to key muscle groups, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance health and wellbeing.

It can be used for relaxation, to tone and warm up muscles, to help remove waste products, and to support the movement of lymph, blood and oxygen around the body.

Hydrotherapy – Water Treadmill

Purpose built equine water treadmills that are safe, easy to operate and allow the horse to work in a controlled and straight environment, in a natural outline. Working in a water treadmill helps to enhance suppleness, stride length, muscle tone and strength.

It can also be used for rehabilitation and for aerobic activity. A great addition to any fitness regime! The water treadmills can also double up as a spa treatment when used with chilled saltwater.

Hydrotherapy – Cold Water Spa

Large units designed to accommodate the horse in a safe, comfortable way. When the doors are closed, the unit fills to a level of your choice with cold saltwater. It works on a similar idea to cold hosing but is operated at more exact temperatures, and it is used to lower the temperature of the tissue, reducing the tissue’s metabolic rate helping it to survive following injury. It also provides relief from pain, bruising and inflammation.

A spa can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue damage, inflammation, hoof related issues, arthritis, concussion and laminitis. When filled with salt water, it can not only be used to support natural wound healing, the salt solution also acts as a hypertonic poultice, reducing oedema and influences the way the leg tissue temperature falls during treatment. Our cold water spas can also come with a vibrating floor for an additional therapeutic effect.

To find out more about the above therapies, and all of our specialised therapy products, please contact us on 01494 883433 or

Brand new, lighter weight Combi Pro with the very latest in PEMF technology!

Upgrade your Activo-Med Rug to our

brand new, lighter weight version with the very latest in PEMF technology!

Prices start from as little as £975 (depending on the age of your current rug)



We are offering all of our customers the chance to upgrade your existing Activo-Med rug, no matter it’s age, to the newly released Combi Pro II model, giving you the more advanced PEMF technology, along with a 2-year warranty.

This new model will still run all of your add-on Activo-Med products (such as leg wraps or laser), or you can choose to upgrade these also to have a totally brand new system!

So, if you own an Activo-Med rug, why not take advantage of our amazing offer to existing users and receive a brand new rug worth £3,400 new for as little as £975! You will immediately benefit from:

– lighter weight rug for ease of use

– wider and deeper PEMF coverage from latest technology

– 2-year warranty on any of our new equipment

– available as fully mesh version keeping your horse cooler on hot days

To find out more information please call 01494 883433 or email

A bit about Activo-Med

Activo-Med have been producing these rugs for over 20 years and are the brand leaders in providing the latest cutting edge horse and user-friendly therapy equipment that makes your horse feel and perform to the best of his ability. The equipment is used by a huge percentage of people all over the world ranging from riders, trainers, vets and physios, professionals at the top of their game to amateurs. Some of the reasons they have chosen Activo-Med include:

– effectiveness and results

– ability to run rug, leg wraps and other add on equipment

– ease of use and maintenance

– versatile and reliable

– customer support

To find out more information about all the Activo-Med equipment please call the office on 01494 883433 or email

Charlotte Dujardin & Carl Lester

**Exciting sponsorship opportunity for 2018!**

Here at FMBs Therapy Systems we are looking to support three chosen riders in their 2018 competitive campaigns.

Whether you are a weekend rider looking to improve your results, a Pony Club / Riding Club member, a TeamQuest competitor or an up and coming event rider, show jumper or dressage star, the application is open to all!

We are offering three lucky people full sponsorship for 12 months in the form of your very own Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic Rug (to learn more about the rug and other Activo-Med products please visit Along with this you will receive branded clothing, a baseball cap and a discipline specific saddle pad, plus a discount on any additional equipment you may wish to purchase or hire.

All you need to do to apply is send us (in no more than 300 words) a little information about yourself and your horse(s); age, county you live in, what you do competitively with your horse(s) and your equestrian goals for next year. We would also like to know why you would like the use of an Activo-Med rug and why you think you would be the ideal FMBs Therapy System sponsored rider. Applications should be sent via email to by midnight on the 31st October 2017. The shortlist will be announced during November.

We look forward to receiving your applications!


Tim Stockdale Showing Activo-Med Rug

Terms & Conditions

  1. – Entries to be sent to
  2. – Sponsorship only open to riders based in the UK. Entrants must be 16 years old or over. Employees of FMBs Therapy Systems, agents and their families are not eligible to enter
  3. – No purchase is necessary
  4. – Only one entry per person
  5. – The prize: Use of an Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage rug for 12 months (rug model to be decided by FMBs Therapy Systems) and branded clothing to include; body warmer, baseball cap, discipline specific saddlecloth
  6. – The winner’s name and county will be posted on FMBs Therapy Systems website and social media pages. The winner agrees to participate in any reasonable publicity arranged by FMBs Therapy Systems or its agents including the filming of their training, competitions and short interviews for videos and photos
  7. – The winners will be expected to keep FMBs Therapy Systems up to date with their training, competition results and general relevant news during the sponsorship. This can be done via social media, email and/or in public blog posts
  8. – The winners will allow FMBs Therapy Systems to publish and share all the information sent to them regarding updates with their training, competition results and relevant news
  9. – The prize is as stated and is non-transferable
  10. – First round entries will close at midnight on 31st October 2017. A short list will then be selected
  11. – Riders on the short list will be asked to provide a short video clip and overview of why they think they should win. This will then be put to public voting and the three winners selected
  12. – Potential candidates will be contacted during November so please provide up to date contact details
  13. – It is the winner’s responsibility to provide FMBs with the relevant details to ensure the prize is sent to the correct place. Items will be shipped via courier
  14. – The rugs will be warranted for the duration of the agreement. Repairs caused by accidental damage or misuse of the equipment whilst in the care of the sponsored rider will be charged at cost
  15. – If the recipient wishes to keep the Activo-Med rug at the end of the 12 month sponsorship period a discounted price for purchase will be arranged
  16. – The sponsorship will begin once the items have been received. This will be within one month of the competition winners being announced
  17. – By entering the competition entrants agree to be bound by these terms & conditions and by the decisions of FMBs Therapy Systems, which are final in all matters relating to the promotion. No correspondence will be entered into
  18. – FMBs Therapy Systems will not be responsible for incomplete, illegible or lost entries. Proof of submission of entry is not proof of receipt of entry
  19. – FMBs Therapy Systems reserves the right at it’s sole discretion to disqualify any person it finds to be tampering, or to have tampered with, the operation of the competition or to be acting in violation of these terms and conditions
  20. Promoter: FMBs Therapy Systems, Pyatts Farm Offices, Pyatts Farm Lane, Lane End, Bucks, HP14 3NW

How Does Light Therapy Work?

FMBs Equine Therapy Systems                Activo-Med Power Pad

The Activo-Med Wave-Light-Pulse therapy cluster and pen works using PEMF therapy plus red and infrared super luminous LED diodes. They are used to trigger normal cell function.

How do the LEDs help heal?

The super luminous LEDs emit concentrated light at specific wavelengths to provide therapeutic benefits without adverse side effects. The red lights work at wavelengths of 635nm and penetrate tissue to a depth of approx. 10mm. This is good for the healing of problems close to the skins surface, e.g. wounds, cuts, scars. The infrared light works at a wavelength of 950nm and penetrates to a depth of approx. 40mm, working well to help with bone, joint and deep muscle tissue.

The Science behind the LED Super Luminous Therapy

The LEDs are set up on the control box to pulse at specific frequencies suitable for the ailment they are treating. The part of the cell that is benefiting from the light therapy is called the ‘mitochondria’. This is the cells powerhouse that produces all the energy that the cell requires to function. When the mitochondria absorb the light therapy they produce two substances, ATP (an immediate energy source for muscles) and ROS (which releases nitric oxide, leading to gene transcription, protein production, and growth of cells and support systems).

The therapeutic effects of the treatment:

  • – Increases blood capillary circulation and vascular activity, accelerating the natural tissue healing processes
  • – Relaxes muscles, reduces nerve excitability and stimulates nerve transmission
  • – Reduces scar tissue and stimulates wound healing
  • – Stimulates cellular reproduction and facilitates accelerated replacement of damaged cells.
  • – Increases production of endorphins and enkephelins (a pentapeptie molecule) from the brain promoting pain reduction and mood elevation
  • – Reduces inflammation and swelling in chronic conditions of arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis
  • – Stimulates fibroblastic activity – promoting repair of connective tissue and formation of collagen fibers
  • – Stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue formation – an important process in the healing of wounds, ulcers and inflamed tissues
  • – Increases lymphatic system activity and relieves edema and discomfort associated with swelling
  • – Stimulates production of collagen—the most important component of wound healing

The Activo-Med light therapy equipment uses the effective super luminous LED therapy but also benefits from having a PEMF coil within the unit. To learn more about PEMF and what is does click here.

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

activo-med-before                activo-med-after

How does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Work?

The Activo-Med Impulse Line products all contain Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (magnetic pulses created using electrical energy). PEMF therapy is created by passing an electric current (from the battery) through a number of copper coils. The frequency at which the current is sent is controlled by the control box. This is set up to frequencies suitable for therapeutic use to suit pre and post exercise plus specific conditions and rehabilitation.

PEMF can pass through all muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments and bone to help with wellbeing and regeneration.

How does PEMF work?

The body is made up of numerous cells, all of which need energy to function. Energy is dynamic and has a frequency, which changes all the time. All energy is electromagnetic by nature and all cells produce their own electromagnetic fields. This means that nothing in the body happens without an electromagnetic exchange (trillions of cells are communicating via electromagnetic frequencies). Damaged cells will not have their correct electromagnetic field and their metabolic processes will be impaired.

PEMF helps restore the cells electromagnetic fields and their metabolic processes. The PEMF uses the magnetic pulses it creates to induce tiny electrical signals that stimulate the cell to repair, up-regulating the cells naturally generated energy and allowing them to heal themselves.

The PEMF also has an effect on the cells membrane channels (these control what enters and leaves the cell). It opens up these channels allowing more nutrients into the cell and waste products out, helping to restore the cells optimum balance. If enough cells are restored then they will work more efficiently.

Cells of the same types come together to make tissues and these tissues come together to make organs. So by restoring or maintaining cell function, organ function will also be restored or maintained allowing the body to function better.

PEMF works to:

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and the stress on the body
  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, stress, blood pressure, nutrient uptake, cellular detoxification and regeneration
  • Balance the immune system
  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue damage
  • Relax muscles.

PEMF and Magnets: What’s the difference?

PEMFs are frequency-based, applied to either the whole body or parts of the body.  PEMFs may only be needed for short periods of time, while the effects last for many hours/days, setting in motion cellular and whole-body changes to restore and maintain balance in metabolism and health. The body does not ‘get used to’ the healthy energy signals of therapeutic PEMFs, even if used over a long time, compared to magnets.

Stationary (or “static”) magnetic fields from magnets have fixed strengths. They are used in mattresses, bracelets, knee wraps etc. Most have a shallow penetration into the body, resulting in a very limited ability to affect deeper tissues, and they rarely treat all the cells of the body simultaneously.



At FMBS Therapy Systems we value all of our customers’ feedback, and we’d love to know your experiences with our ACTIVO-MED products.

We are offering all of our customers a little surprise goodie in exchange for your thoughts. In addition to this, we will also enter all our respondants into a prize draw to win a Back on Track Mesh Rug worth £178!

Read all about the benefits of the Back on Track Mesh Rug here

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, all you need to do is email us on and tell us a little bit about your horse, the products you use and how you find they work for you. We also love receiving photos and video clips!

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Try Before You Buy – FREE trial of Activo-Med Combi rug!


Try Before You Buy – FREE trial of Activo-Med Combi rug!

PLUS – your chance to purchase your chosen rug with a 30% discount!

This is a great opportunity to help you prepare, perform and recover at your upcoming special competition.  This trial period can be extended on a weekly or monthly cost basis.  Any rental paid is deducted from the purchase price if you decided to keep the rug.

In return for this offer we ask to see your pictures, videos and feedback on using the rug to share on social media.

To guarantee your trial date just email or call the office 01494 883433.

What’s included:

FREE trial of Activo-Med Combi rug for a week subject to availability

FREE delivery of Activo-Med Combi rug

– Entry into our claimants prize draw to win a 30% discount from the Activo-Med rug of their choice

– Offer can be taken any week between now and the end of September 2017

– Trial period can be extended on a weekly or monthly cost basis.  Cost varies depending on the model chosen.  Any rental paid is deducted from the purchase price if you decide to keep the rug

FREE collection of Activo-Med Combi rug after the trial period

What’s not included:

– Refundable deposit of £600 to cover any damages

– Insurance while you have the rug. Should the rug not be returned for any reason by the agreed end date, a sales invoice will be issued for its full purchase price.

How to claim:

– There are only 5 rugs available for this offer so please PM or email or call 01494 883433 to guarantee your trial date

– In return for claiming this offer we would like your agreement in providing feedback on how you are getting on, and photos and video clips that we can publish and share on social media

– All claimants will be put forward to be in with a chance of purchasing their chosen rug at 30% discount – all you need to do is provide us with the best material to use and get the most social media interest and we will decide on the most worthy winner

Reducing the onset of arthritis in horses

Arthritis is one of the most common reasons that horses are retired early. It is believed that early training of young horses can often lead to arthritis in later life. Arthritis can be managed with painkillers, injections and other drugs but surely prevention is the way forward?

There are various ways you can help to prevent or slow down the onset of some forms of arthritis.   Diet, controlled exercise in young horses, thorough recovery time and procedures after exercise, natural supplements to help reduce inflammation in the joints after exercise, AND the Activo-Med equipment!!!

There are many studies of how Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) and massage therapy, plus light or cold laser therapy can both aid in the prevention and slow down the onset of many arthritic cases.

PEMF uses a range of frequencies and intensities to help stimulate different cells in the body, which in turn promotes cell development, efficiency and optimisation. Cold laser therapy (WLP) uses light therapy in addition to PEMF, which, when applied at the correct frequency and wavelength for the correct duration can help stimulate body cells at all depths within the body to rejuvenate and repair.

Please take a look at our list of products above that use these therapies, including the Combi Pro rug, leg wraps and light therapy products.

Wellington Premier League

Wellington Premier League is just around the corner, and the FMBs Team will be available offering free demos of equipment on site all week, so please let us know if you are attending or competing!

We are sponsoring some of the main classes throughout the show, and will be available to discuss our products with you in more depth including the fantastic Activo-Med Water Treadmill and Cold Water Spa, available in the Equine Rebalance Therapy Centre based onsite at Wellington Riding. These therapy products are an invaluable part of keeping competition horses fit and well, or when rehabilitating from injury.

We would also like to offer show sponsorship to one rider at the Premier League, with the opportunity to use the Activo-Med Combi Pro rug throughout the duration of the show, along with a sponsor saddle pad and cap. If you are competing at the show and would like to make use of this offer please get in contact.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Demo’s at VOS

During the last week we have had a fantastic trip to World Equestrian Centre Wilmington OH to support one of our Sales Representatives KC Van Aarem while she was there working for David Beisel.

As part of our support to KC we offered free demonstrations and use of the Activo-Med blanket and leg wraps at the show to riders and trainers.  We met a great number of riders and trainers who all enjoyed learning more about how the products can help them and their horses.

Some of the people we were lucky enough to meet included:

Sara Ring and her horse Vos. Vos particularly loved the blanket. Sara said that she could really see how much the mare enjoyed having the therapy session with the blanket.

Rider Patty Stoval and her colleague Sarah Lane were really surprised at how easy the blanket is to use compared to others on the market, noting that it really is lightweight and the horse that received the demonstration did not mind having the blanket on, unlike other blankets.

We also got to meet trainer Hedi De Angelo along with a client of hers, McKenzie Evon. McKenzie had a fantastic show being placed 1st in the Low children’s/Adult Classic along with winning the Taylor Harris National Children’s Medal. All while using the Activo-Med Blanket, McKenzie swore that El Taxi (Pepe) felt more relaxed and happy after a session with the blanket and leg wraps.

Maddi Burchell and Dali LOVE Activo-Med

Maddi Burchell is a Grand Prix rider who is trained by Carl Hester on her own 10 year old PRE Dali. “I absolutely love the results of the Activo-Med rug, Dali’s muscles are softer from the outset. As a rider I can then achieve so much more suppleness and thoroughness in his work, after he has been warmed up using the rug.”

As a Lazer therapist and qualified veterinary thermography I have seen the results of the Activo- Med results compared to many other similar products on the market and so feel totally confident that when I recommend Activo-Med products as a rider and trainer, I also know I am correct fro ma therapists point of view too.

I know that both Carl and Charlotte have been Activo-Med fans from over a decade. My only slight reservation is that I do not have the most up to date model, perhaps I should look at Trading in and Trading Up!

Badminton Horse Trials 2017


At least 15 out of the Top 20 horses at Badminton Horse Trials 2017 use Activo-Med products! 

Here in the FMBS Therapy Systems office we are all reflecting on what was a thrilling week at Badminton Horse Trials 2017. It was busy for us supporting our loyal customers behind the scenes keeping their horses in tip top condition for one of the eventing world’s biggest tests.

We were hugely encouraged to hear from the best of the best regarding our equipment and how it helps their horses with competition preparation and prevention of injury on a daily basis, and is essential at the big events such as this.

We were also delighted to be able to tell our customers about our new products:

-Spa with new vibrating floor

-High speed treadmill

-Fully mesh Combi Pro Rug

If you’d like to find out more about our products, and how they could help your horse, and why they are regarded as so important to the very top of the business please contact the office on 01494 883433 or

FMBS Therapy Systems offer a full range of equine therapy equipment including Water Treadmills, Spas, Vibro Combi Floors, Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage Rugs, Leg Wraps and Pads, and Light Therapy products.


Nick Skelton and Big Star LOVE FMBs Therapy Systems

Celebrating over 8 years of FMBs Therapy Systems’ involvement with Nick Skelton and his top horses including his amazing Olympic Gold Medal winning partner Big Star…

Having been a customer of FMBs Therapy systems for well over eight years, GB Show Jumping team stalwart Nick Skelton understands the benefits that our products can provide for performance horses better than most. With an Activo-Med Cold Saltwater Spa, Activo-Med Therapy Dry Treadmill and Activo-Med Combi-Pro Rug, light therapy unit and leg wraps listed among Nick’s yard essentials, his horses enjoy Therapy treatments daily and in the run up to the 2016 Rio Olympics this obviously included his Rio Olympic Gold Medal winning partner Big Star.

“As everyone knows Big Star and I had a very good year last year culminating in us winning an individual Gold Medal in the Show Jumping out in Rio. I genuinely believe that the Activo-Med products from FMBs Therapy Systems that we used in the lead up to (and since) the Olympics attributed hugely to us getting to Rio allowing us to get our hands on that medal.
In the lead up to Rio, Big Star enjoyed the Combi-Pro rug everyday on the daily pre-set programmes to keep him supple, relaxed and his muscles in top condition. He was also lucky enough to go in our Activo-Med spa daily too. The combination of cold-water and salt provides the ideal environment for injury prevention and for the reduction of any inflammation of the muscles/joints that may occur after exercise allowing his body to recover faster than if he didn’t benefit from the spa. The dry treadmill that we also have on the yard helps all the horses, including Big Star, to build strength, stamina and balance and the gradient controls enabled us to work towards strengthening his back end without putting extra pressure on his body and legs.
I think everyone would agree that Big Star was in the shape, condition and form of his life in Rio and we think that the therapy that the FMBs products deliver had a big part to play in that.”

Ex-demo Equine Cold Water Spa available with 10% off!

Activo-Med Equine Water Spa     equine-spa

Save 10% plus FREE installation!

We recently demoed a new Equine Cold Water Spa at Oakridge Reining Centre to great success, and this ex stand demo model is now available with 10% discount, plus free installation.

The Equine Cold Water Spa is a valuable piece of equipment for any yard, aiding in the rehabilitation and sustained performance of competition horses, and helping them to achieve their full potential.

The spa can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, soft tissue damage, hoof related problems, arthritis, laminitis, concussion and more. With the added salt, the Equine Spa can be used to support wound healing and reduce inflammation.

For more information and price on this Cold Water Spa, or to enquire further about any of our other product ranges, please contact the office on or call 01494 883433.

Come and view the Activo-Med Equine Spa in action!


An invitation to view our Activo-Med Equine Cold Water Salt Spa in action – an amazing piece of equipment for any yard!

Don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself at the Sherwood Winter Show at Oakridge Arena, Newark 11th February 2017. We will have a new Equine Spa exhibiting there in full working order, and this ex stand demo model will be for sale after the event.

The Equine Cold Water Spa is a valuable piece of equipment for any yard, aiding in the rehabilitation and sustained performance of competition horses, and helping them to achieve their full potential.

The spa can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, soft tissue damage, hoof related problems, arthritis, laminitis, concussion and more. With the added salt, the Equine Spa can be used to support wound healing and reduce inflammation.


old-combi-pro-rug                  activo-med-rug-sale

To celebrate the end of 2016 we are offering a huge discount on our re-conditioned original model Activo-Med Combi Pro rugs.

A great starter rug for any horse and rider combination, with the opportunity to upgrade to a new style Combi Pro in the future.

Limited rugs available from £950 including VAT and UK delivery. Excellent payment terms.

Please call 01494 883433 for more details or to redeem this fantastic Christmas offer!

Activo-Med Combi Floor

Enjoy a Combi-Floor pre-Christmas offer from FMBs Therapy Systems

Place your order before 23rd December 2016, and receive a fantastic 5% discount off selected products…

Vibro Combi Floor – Vibration + Pulsed Electromagnetic + Weighbridge

For improved circulation, recovery, rehabilitation and general wellbeing.

The Activo-Med Combi Floor is a state-of-the-art equine therapy floor that combines controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It can be used pre-warm up and post exercise for recovery as well as rehabilitation. You can even use it whilst carrying out tasks like plaiting and clipping, or place under a solarium.

As with the other Activo-Med products, the control box is pre-set to provide the right combination of therapies for your horse. The floor can be operated from a mains supply or rechargeable battery making it very portable if you need to take it in the lorry or to shows. Available with optional weighing scales and solarium.

To make the most of this offer, please give us a call on 01494 883433 and quote ‘FMBSXMAS16’or visit the product page for more information

FMBs Equine Therapy Systems

Enjoy a Light cluster pre-Christmas offer from FMBs Therapy Systems

Place your order before 23rd December 2016, and receive a fantastic 5% discount off selected products…

Light Therapy Clusters and Pens – Combined Pulsed Electromagnetic + Wave Light Pulse Therapy + Massage

Can be used for muscular, tendon and ligament injuries, bumps, bruises, oedemas, cuts, wounds, arthritis, fractures and splints.

Wave-Light-Pulse (WLP) represents a quantum leap in direct local therapy; conventional laser technology in the shade. The Pulsed Electromagnetic and Light Cluster is a powerful combination of 24 infrared and 24 red diodes together with an in-built PEMF spool. It is fully adjustable by intensity and frequency and is based on the latest Supralight LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. It is also available with a massage element within the cluster.

These clusters and pens run off the same control boxes as the Activo-Med rugs and leg wraps, which comes with pre-set settings and programs that can be adapted if required to suit your individual horses needs.
To make the most of this offer, please give us a call on 01494 883433 and quote ‘FMBSXMAS16’or visit the product page for more information

Equine Nebulizer

Enjoy a Nebuliser pre-Christmas offer from FMBs Therapy Systems

Place your order before 23rd December 2016, and receive a fantastic 5% discount off selected products…

SaHoMa Nebuliser

Combines experience in human medicine with Veterinarians´ demands.

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent output volume
  • Rechargeable battery pack integrated in
    the mask for maximum mobility
  • Soundless operation
  • Light weight
  • Direct aerosol delivery into the mask
  • Electronic parts protected by transparent protective cover
  • Cordless and tubeless operation

Why SaHoMa II?

  • Allows inhalation while in movement on the lunge
  • No tendency to a panic reaction due to silent operation
  • Regulated consumption of drug
  • Any medicine suitable for nebulisation can be inhaled
  • The manufacturer specialises in the development and production of both human and equine inhalation devices

To make the most of this offer, please give us a call on 01494 883433 and quote ‘FMBSXMAS16’or visit the product page for more information

Tim Stockdale Talks To FMBs

Are you a Tim Stockdale fan? Have a look at our latest exclusive Tim video. Here he talks about up and coming horses and a horse on the showjumping circuit that he’d really like to ride…

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