FMBS provide leading technical products for horses and riders worldwide


Serena Hickson began FMBs over ten years ago. Since this time, she’s managed to secure one of the most prestigious customer groups possible, including the majority of the International team UK riders in all key disciplines.

Activo-Med is the leading German creator of most of these unique equine therapy products. Serena works very closely with their development team, feeding back the desires of leading riders to offer continual improvements and new products. Her ability to select only the highest quality, unique products, coupled with her insistence that customer service and after sales service are of paramount importance, gives FMBs the edge.

FMBs has expanded its product range and caters to many different Equine Industries here in the UK and Worldwide, so many other technologically advanced therapy and training products are now available.

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Agents are active throughout the leading European countries, and the
full range of products is now being extended from the rider to include the equine vets and physiotherapists

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