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Advanced Equine Therapy Systems & Equipment

Equine Therapy Systems & Equipment helping to improve Performance and Recovery

Activo-Med Therapy Systems

FMBs Equine Therapy Systems

The Activo-Med range includes equine therapy systems, rugs, leg wraps, light therapy systems, water treadmills, spas and solariums suitable for horses, riders and their dogs. The Impulse line systems consists of cyclonic massage, pulsed electromagnetic, light therapy and cold therapy and can be used to improve suppleness and flexibility pre and post exercise, soft tissue problems, arthritis and for rehabilitation after injury. The Aqua line range includes equine water treadmills, spas, dry treadmills, vibrating floor, weigh scales and solariums suitable for improved fitness, strength and recovery. Buy New, Hire or Buy Reconditioned are the key options to allow you and your horse ‘feel the difference’ that pulse magnetic therapy creates. 


Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug

Leading the way in equine therapy systems, a highly effective system combining pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) with cyclonic massage covering the horse from poll to tail, including the shoulder and thigh areas. Whether you use the rug to support performance or as part of rehabilitation, it couldn’t be easier to use – just select a pre-set programme and the rug does the rest. As an extra benefit, the control box also operates other Activo-Med equipment such as leg wraps and light therapy clusters, pens and pads.

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FMBs Equine Therapy Systems

Activo-Med Leg Wraps

FMBs Equine Therapy Systems

Activo-Med Light Therapy Systems

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The Activo-Med Contender

Trade In, Trade Up or Hire

FMBs recognises that you might want to test and use our products in advance, so we offer a range of options and services that can meet your requirements. You can “Try before you buy”, or hire our products to test them and we also offer a “Trade in Trade up” service allowing you to upgrade your equipment.
Fully serviced Ex Demo and Second Hand rugs are available with 1 year warranty and new battery.

Activo-Med equipment for performance, fitness, strength and rehabilitation

Horse Using Activo-Med Equine Water Treadmill


This professionally built quality Equine Water Treadmill is used by many established professionals and Equine businesses throughout the UK and Europe for rehabilitation and as part of training to help improve fitness, suppleness, muscle tone and strength.

We provide a knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team to discuss options to suit your set up, bespoke installations and full training and back up from FEI vet with over 20 years experience working with water treadmills and hydrotherapy at his vet practice.

Featured Products & Services

Activo-Med Equine Water Spa

Activo-Med Equine Spa

Chilled salt water massage

Dry Treadmill

Activo-Med Dry Treadmill

Walk, trot, gradient options

Activo-Med Combi Floor

Activo-Med Combi Floor

Vibration / PEMF / Weighbridge

Activo-Med Equine Solarium

Activo-Med Solarium

IR and UV with fans 

World Class riders and trainers use and endorse our products

FMBs Therapy Systems are passionate and dedicated to bringing leading technical products for improving Performance and Recovery to horses, riders and their dogs. Agents are active across the UK and in most countries and the full range of equipment is being used by the riders, equine vets and physiotherapists.

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