Magnetic Rug with Electromagnetic Pulse Unit

Activo-Med Magnetic Rug Mesh

Magnetic Rug with Electromagnetic Pulse Unit

This comfortable mesh rug that can be worn all-year round has 18 strategically placed pockets allowing you to place the therapy inserts on specific problem areas of your choice over the horse’s shoulder, wither, back, rump and hip areas.

Ideal for use in the stable or relaxing when travelling. On colder days additional rugs may be put on over the rug for extra warmth. Magnetic Therapy increases circulation to the areas and generates heat, however, the mesh rug allows the horse to stay cool, even on hot days.

– The Rug comes with ten oval magnetic patches.
– Each patch contains nine circular magnets per patch (total of 90 magnets per Rug) with an overall coverage of six inches per patch.
– Each magnet is 1,000 gauss in strength.
– The Patches have self-sticking fastening strips so can be easily be placed on other ‘clothing’ e.g. neck covers, head-collars etc.
– A free Equiband is also supplied so that the magnetic patches can be placed on the legs too.

Use magnetic therapy for bumps/bruises, stiff joints/muscles, arthritis, sprains and strains, tying up, cold backs, before and after strenuous exercise or just for natural well-being and relaxing. Magnetic rugs are ideal for use when travelling to and from events. They also work well when used in conjunction with cold therapy.

Additional magnetic patches and hot/cold inserts may be bought separately if required.

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Magnetic Rug (90 x Magnets, Equiband)

Magnetic Rug with Medicur Electromagnetic Field Unit (90 x Magnets, Equiband + Medicur Unit)

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