Magnetic Rug Kit

Magnetic Rug Kit

Magnetic Rug Kit

With the Magnetic Rug Kit use it for magnetic therapy on bumps/bruises, stiff joints/muscles, arthritis, sprains and strains or just for natural well-being. Magnetic rugs are Ideal for use when travelling. They can also be used in conjunction with cold therapy and for washing guidelines we recommend you hand wash this product in lukewarm soapy water and allow it to dry naturally.

The Magnetic Rug Kit comes with:

– Ten oval magnetic patches and offers maximum Magnetic Therapy to areas of your choice.
– There are nine circular magnets per patch with an overall coverage of 6 inches per patch.
– Each magnet is 1,000 gauss.
– The Patches have self-sticking fastening strips, so can be placed anywhere on one of your horse’s existing rugs. They are good for sore backs and relaxing when travelling.


– Tack/sew the ten fastening strips supplied on to a rug – a summer sheet-type rug is recommended as magnets will generate heat.
– Stick the magnetic patches to the strips that you have sewn on to the rug.
– Keep a note of how warm your horse gets – extra rugs can be applied on top if necessary.
– After competing, make sure your horse is back to normal temperature before applying magnetic therapy.

Extra magnetic patches may be bought if needed, so please contact us to request.


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